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Ok. What do I have to say for myself? Well, I have no excuses for what I am about to do here, and I will offer none to you. What you are seeing is the unvarnished truth (unvarnished in the manner that I do NOT huff polyurethane) and point of view of a deeply disturbed individual. I have opinions AND an asshole, and like most everyone else in the world's, they stink. UNLIKE everyone else, at least I admit it instead of trying to deny deny deny.

ANd this is me, circa 2007. Gives you a hint about me, I would think . . .

So, You're not running screaming yet? Hmmmmmmmm

And now in other news, I am basically a mood swinging, crazy, issue ridden mother of two. I have very few redeaming qualities, and can always be relied on to let people down. I love to write, and I can see the humor in nearly anything. That woman laughing at a funeral? Yup, thats me! I have delusions of Grandure, and I have a pen and I am not afraid to use it!

But seriously, I would like to think that I am a nice person. I am Pagan, but NOT one of those "fluffybunny" types. I walk my OWN path, a mix of dark and light, sort of a "salad bar" pagan. I borrow from many different religions, but my main is Celtic. My Fiancee is Christian, and plays his odds at going to heaven. We get along pretty well, and are in a renewed relationship. He and I are into Swinging and BDsM (with me as the submissive) and I am bisexual. I like to laugh at myself and others.

I have tried my hand at the Goth scene, the Rocker scene, the Skateboarders scene (1980's version), the Drama nerds, the Gamers, etc. I don't really have the time and energy that you have to put into being so self-important and depressed all the time, and I am sorry to say that my dark poetry sucks and I admit it. In public. ALL THE TIME. So no Emo for me. I cant afford the clothing and makeup for the Goth lifestyle, even though it was quite fun. The rockers thought I was a bit too heavy metal for them, and the Boarders, well I am tooooo old to do that without breaking a hip now a days. Drama nerds, nah. I can do a mean makeup set tho, and I will always thank Fred in the Drama Department for my confidence and curing my stage fright. So. I am just me. A bit of this, a bit of that, mixed with a health dose of humor and self esteem issues.

I have two of the world's cutest kids, and a wackjob of an exhusband. So all in all, I am a normal human female.

I am NOT going to put that lame assed "LOVE IS . . ." shite here. To me, love is putting up with one another without trying to kill each other on a daily basis. Love is listening to your partner snore and still wanting to lie beside them, not sparkley vampires or Harry Potter.

Yeah, I'm a Tet-oholic. So sue me.

So sit back and enjoy the show, if you want. I know I do . . .

Oh, and I am an Agent of SORP

Join in the evil if you will. . . .

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and everything else is shidt, fiction, metal, nothing, tet and tit and talikg and shit, wihsky and metal and food and shit and tet
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